Shezad khan

Shezad khan

અંગત માહિતીઓ

ઉંમર: 39
જન્મદિવસ: 24 એપ્રિલ

મારા વિષે:

I am Shez. I am originally from India but settled in UK for past 13 years.

I travel a lot both for work as well as leisure and would like to settle in Spain someday. I visit Estonia a lot for work and would love to learn Spanish as I would like to settle there some day.

So would love to speak to anyone who can teach me Estonian or Spanish.

Bit about myself. I come from an academic background with a phd in nuclear physics but moved into commercial roles 8 years ago. I am now work in exciting world of business intelligence. Will tell you more when we speak.


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